The day following we commenced to consider the rebuilding of the School House. But we little dreamed that four years would pass before we could begin to execute our plans. There were, however, many difficulties

First of all, our schemes were far-reaching, for we did not wish to follow the time-honoured English plan of living from hand to mouth, changing a bit to-day, and a bit to-morrow, until the School Buildings should become

To us, personally, the English towns, the English houses, railway stations, &c., seemed most inadequate. All were the outcome of the English fog and insularity, want of ideas and lack of social cooperation. All bore the stamp of selfish individualism, and all preached mental and social chaos to the wearied beholder. In a School

designed to develop Harmonious Growth this would, we knew, be fatal. For a School like this it was essential to have a Kosmos. The buildings, we felt, moreover, ought to symbolise the whole Theory of the School, as the human body summarises and foretells the history of the soul. Accordingly, we commenced betimes to excogitate our plans. In their main features they were settled before the summer of 1894 was past. During the autumn the architects commenced their work, and in January, 1895, submitted the first draft of the drawings. A second batch, more in accordance with our instructions, were ready by March ; but these also we had to discard ; so difficult was it for one mind to grasp what another mind required. We had of course from the first insisted that only an educator could flan an ideal school house, even if only an architect could carry his plan to successful realisation. What we really needed all this time was the power to draw, and thus express our thoughts ; and we realised, as never before, how absurd it was to teach the writing of mere words in preference to the universal written language

While we were planning the rebuilding of our city, or, to change the metaphor, the planning of a more daring cruise, we wished to test our ship's company to see if all had stomach for the enterprise. For we did not wish, in the middle of the ocean, to have to change our crew.