The sensual nature of devotional Hinduism can include the erotic emotion, as evident in the life of the female poet Mirba, who was born as a princess and gained fame by rejecting her husband for her real spouse, the god Krishna. The triple structure of the world is also reflected in the pantheon of the divine beings. The sacrificial patron can gain wealth, power, health, and long life. Before the advent of the Vedic literature, there existed the Indus Valley culture in the north-western region of India. The personal nature of devotional Hinduism is especially evident with devotion to Krishna, which helps to illustrate the playful nature of this type of religion. Krishna is the divine player as a child when he aimlessly crawls and steals butter and sweets from women, when as an adolescent he teases the female cow-herders and plays pranks on others, and when he destroys demons in a playful manner.