This chapter examines the 3D settings of an audio source. Unity refers to any audio file imported as an AudioClip. Unity includes two modes namely Native Mode and Compressed Mode. Native Mode is usually recommended for short uncompressed audio sounds. Compressed Mode by contrast will compress the audio assets either as Ogg or MP3 when the project is compiled into an application. Unity uses the Min and Max Distances concepts in order to determine how sound is perceived within the 3D game space. These concepts are directly inherited from FMODs functionality. The curve of the graph essentially governs the way that the volume will be reduced between the Min and Max Distance from an Audio Source. There are two preset modes, Linear mode, and Logarithmic mode. Although Logarithmic mode is considered more realistic to the way the human ear hears sound, Linear mode may be preferred in some cases, as the volume will drop off more gradually in comparison.