The first six essays in the book The Philosophy o f G . E . Moore, published in 1942 as Voi. IV in The Library o f Living Philo­ sophers, are devoted to Moore5s ethical theories; and Moore5s comments upon them occupy the first ninety-three pages of his terminal essay. I suppose that this part of the terminal essay must contain Moore’s latest published pronouncements on ethical problems. As such, it is of considerable interest and importance. O f the six ethical essays and Moore’s comments on them I propose to select three for discussion here, viz. those of Frankena, Stevenson, and myself. Between them they cover the following four main topics, viz. I, The distinction between ‘natural5 and ‘non-natural5 characteristics, II, The ‘autobiographical5 analysis of moral indicatives, III, The interconnections of value and obligation, and IV, Ethical Egoism and Ethical Neutralism. I propose to treat each of these topics in turn.