A life wanders on a plane. Not any life, one expressed in terms of capability; a calculable present life. The plane wandered upon is precarious, undefined, and unstable. Its instability is the result of uncertain scientific foundations, forms of knowledge under continuous transformation, challenge and change. The wandering life is driven and seduced by an idea of certitude that operates a horizon. As horizon, it retreats as one advance. Keeping the life under a state of continuous wandering constitutes its value and the possibility of profit. Whilst setting the terms for such wandering, valuing the life, insurers' power is used to create wealth. The plane, on which the life wanders, its context and depth, constitutes a world. One that assumes subjects as interest-driven, thirsty for profit and opportunity. The wandering life is, however, not alone. Neither is its plane. It is but one life in a multitude. In the shadows, and without a plane, there is an unidentifiable life that leaves a trace.