Chapter 4 guides you through the formal process of writing an action research design. There

are (at least) three ways to approach this chapter: Now that you have determined the kind of

research you want to do (design research, curriculum analysis, ethnography, or self-study)

and refined your critical question, you are ready to apply principles of data collection as

you develop your research design. Alternatively, you may find it useful to merely skim this

chapter at this point and continue with Chapter 5 Ongoing Data Analysis and Chapter 6

Final Data Interpretation to gain a better picture of the whole action research journey. After

doing so, you could return to this chapter and complete the action research design. Or you

might work through this chapter, completing most of the design, and continue reading the

next chapters and revising your draft action research design as you proceed. Whatever route

you choose, this chapter will provide the scaffold for you to plan the implementation of your

action research project.