This chapter proposes to gather the primary ingredients for an archetypal psychotherapy, a method of construction in response to Hillman's deconstruction, a Hephaestian fantasy of collecting bits of method, weaving them together with dreams, fantasy images, and clinical vignettes in an effort to craft a depiction of the particular style taken up by archetypal psychotherapy. The face of archetypal psychotherapy that has taken form is one in which the phenomenal presentation of psychic image is given radical autonomy and privilege. Personal associations, amplifications, and interpretations are positioned as secondary to aesthetic encounters with imagination. The barrage of information one receives when working as a therapist requires an organizing structure. Theorists and practitioners are classed based on where they locate their organizing principle. To affirm that these pages contain the style of archetypal psychotherapy would be utterly false, a codification of a tradition that, to be true to itself, must remain mercurial and poly-centric, many centered.