DURING my stay among the Jbala, or Arabic-speaking mountaineers of Northern Morocco, I was told that the Christians do nothL."'lg but kick up rows and fight and try to get hold of other people's money and land. To be blue-eyed as a Christian is to be false. To have a heart as a Christian is to be hard and cruel. Among the Aith Yusi I heard of a father who had cut the throat of his little daughter at the door of an influential man's house as 'ar, to compel him to intervene on his behalf because he had been a victim of extortion; the governor, however, ordered him to be thrown into prison for life, saying, " This was something so horrible that not even a Christian would have done it "-which at any rate shows that the cruelty which the Berbers of Morocco believe us to be capable of has a limit. The Christians are not like ordinary human beings. My host in the village in the Jbel Hl-l}bib where I was staying told me that some men in a distant mountain tribe had said to him, " We should like to go with you to Tangier to see the Christians grow." He assured me that they seriously believed that the Christians grow up from seeds in the ground and that they have horns on the forehead ; and though he laughed at their ignorance, he asked me if it was true that Christian women give birth to children twice a year. In Andjra there is a belief that they do so every four months.