Pairs or groups of names are normally formed on the basis of the relative distance, elevation or dimensions of the various components. Great is the usual term in field-names, whereas in the ordinary vocabulary it has been supplanted by big or large when applied to tangible objects. Though Little is the normal field-name term for its opposite, Small is sometimes found. Great & Little Gasson, in North Newnton (Wilts), form a division of La Garston 1570 (OE gters-tun 'a grass enclosure, a paddock'). Big is also sometimes found, e.g. Big Hoo Croft, in Hilton (Staffs), Big Cow Close, in Evington (Leics), and Small and Big Meers '(land on) the boundary', in Cricklade (Wilts). In other names, Small is used to mean 'narrow'.