Suspecting the Cossacks of having set fire to the steppe, V. V. Golitsyn arrests helman Samoilovich and replaces him with I. S. Mazepa Gune).

Boyar Duma decides to send 3,000 families to settle the Volga region and to establish a permanent garrison in Az6v (4/14 Nov.). Ivan Tolstoy becomes governor of Azov. Peter orders construction of Taganrog. Tolstoy ordered to settle soldiers, townspeople, workers and Swedish prisoners in Taganrog. Don Cossack revolt led by ataman Bulavin. Bulavin calls on Turks to take Azov. Bulavin's henchman Nekrasov goes to Constantinople for help. He fails, but his horde roams the steppe until the war of 1733-35. Mazepa allies his Cossacks to the Swedes. Menshikov destroys Mazepa's capital Baturin. I. I. Staropadskii elected hetman.