There are also those who are mirror images of traditional unionism. They too believe in ‘themselves alone’ as the only answer to the problem of a deeply divided society, without the slightest reference, apart from the verbal ritual genuflections and lip service, to the existence of anyone else. Self determination of the Irish people is their objective they say. The Irish people are defined by them, if we judge by their actions and their contempt for the views and opinions of other Irish people, as themselves alone. They are more Irish than the rest of us, they believe. They are the pure master race of Irish. They are the keepers of the holy grail of the nation. That deep-seated attitude, married to their method has all the hallmarks of undiluted fascism. They have also the other hallmark of the fascist – the scapegoat – the Brits are to blame for everything even their own atrocities! They know better than the rest of us. They know so much better that they take unto themselves the right, without consultation with anyone to dispense death and destruction. By destroying Ireland’s people, they destroy Ireland.