Commercially it has made great strides in the 10 years which have elapsed since the Slave export was checked and an impulse given to legitimate trade. Apart from the mineral wealth which is believed to exist between the coast and the great lakes, there is an unlimited capacity for the production of cattle, cereals, and all the usual articles of tropical trade. The climate, even as at present understood, is less unhealthy than that of the West Coast, and the great mountain ranges of Kilimanjaro and Kenia, situated between the lakes which give birth to the Nile & the fine harbours of Zanzibar, afford a European climate and sanatorium within easy reach, if once roads are made, of the coast. It is needless to dwell on the advantages of this to our navy, to our officials, and to traders. There is very good reason, too, for supposing that the natives are more naturally industrious than most of the West Coast tribes, and that they would welcome the establishment of any Government strong enough to enforce good order and prevent the raids of the more turbulent tribes.