Finally we need some neutral way of referring to the situations in which the problem of the relation of mental and bodily events arises, neutral in that it does not imply differentiation into mental and physical but merely refers to stages or situations in a person’s life history-situations which will be regarded as whole events presenting the two aspects. I propose to do this by use of the verbal noun, e.g. ‘X’s being afraid’, ‘X’s having a pain’, ‘X’s thinking of Y’, ‘X’s perceiving O’. In these the mental events will be X’s feel­ ings of fear or pain, his thoughts, mental images or sensory experi­ ences ; and the physical events will be the bodily, and especially the cerebral, events occurring in X at the time. The problem is that of the relation between these two sets of events; how can it be explained if it is not a causal one as Interactionism claimed ?