A host of questions arise from this baffiing but familiar epistemic situation. Do other people really know I am running to catch that train? Perhaps their reports of my deeds are never more than shaky inferences, and so cannot amount to knowledge. Or contrariwise: Do I know that I am fulfilling the overt behaviour requirements for a particular sort of action? Ought we to say that I only have non-observational knowledge of my attitudes, intentions and beliets in doing whatever it is that I happen to be doing? But in either case, how can a totally ungrounded report, of the action I am performing, or of my intention, ever qualify as knowledge? Finally, and most broadly: When we attribute a deed to someone, is it part of what we mean that he is aware, in some sense, of what he is doing? In other words:

Is it even logically possible for me to engage in a type of action, but not know either that 1 am acting, or what sort of action 1 am performing?