scriptural citations as given at the beginning of the chapters are taken in every case from the authorized version of king james, since that is the most generally used version among english-speaking people. to conserve space only the most important or interesting verses are quoted in each chapter, and in cases where the references are lengthy, only the most relevant parts of each verse. at the end of each chapter we have placed the names of the plants which we regard as the ones referred to in the cited verses of scripture immediately below them. these names and authorities are, in general, in accordance with post (266, 267), or, in the case of bacteria and related schizophytes, in accordance with the latest edition of bergey's manual (52). where verses or parts of verses are omitted this fact is indicated by a series of dots—the length of this series of dots bears no definite relation to the number of verses or words omitted. Where a quotation ends at the conclusion of a verse a period is placed regardless of the punctuation mark which may occur there in the original (except for interrogation and exclamation points, which are naturally retained). In all other cases the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation of the original are retained. The italicization of supplied words as given in the King James Version is, however, not retained. Instead, we are italicizing in each quotation the word or words chiefly involved in that particular chapter. All personal names are printed in small capitals as per the rules of the Cambridge and Oxford University Presses, unless they are employed in such a way as not actually to refer to persons.