As we saw in the last chapter, we have to take heed of two main spiritual states of consciousness when dealing with the transpersonal. But where did this idea come from?

In 1977 something happened to the world of the transpersonal. There had already been scattered pioneers, most of them quite specialized, and we see in more detail in a later chapter, but now there came on the scene a writer who had the ambitious plan of linking and reconciling the whole of the psychological and the spiritual. Later he added to this by including the realm of neurophysics and the realm of sociology. In a series of books, some about mysticism, some about psychology, some about world-historical developments, some about religion, some about physics, he has applied his ideas over a very wide range, illuminating everything he touches. His name is Ken Wilber, an American living in Colorado, who seldom goes to conferences or meetings, but has a tremendous talent for writing, and particularly for map-making.