Emotional Domain. CWldren's self-reports of depressive symptoms were assessed at the initial evaluation with the ChUdren's Depression Inventory (CDI; Kovacs, 1980/1981; Kovacs & Beck, 1977). The CDI contains 27 items representing depressive symptoms that are rated on a 3-point scale. Mothers completed a parent-report form regarding the patient's symptoms (P-CDI; Garber, 1984). Total scores for the CDI and the P-CDI were calculated without the item referrmgto somatic symptoms. At the 5-year follow-up, the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D; Radloff, 1977, 1991) was used to assess levels of depressive symptomatology because it was deemed to be more age appropriate than the CDI, given that patients were adolescents and young adults at followup. Self-report and parent-report versions of the CES-D were administered at follow-up.