As we have discovered in previous chapters, Calvin's voices often say unpleasant things to him. At times like this, Calvin understandably adopts certain ways of behaving in order to try to protect himself from the voices and the things that he fears will happen. He will usually go out wearing baggy clothes and a big hood in the hope that the people he worries about will not recognize him, and, therefore, that he will not be attacked. If he sees people that he is worried about, he will usually try to stare them out in order to discourage them from attacking him. When the voices talk about ending up in hospital again, Calvin feels very scared because of his negative experiences of hospital in the past, so he does things to prevent this from happening: for example, he may take extra medication, lie down and try to go to sleep or try to distract himself from what the voices are saying. Calvin believes that he must act on these voices because he feels that they are extremely powerful and fears the consequences of what might happen if he does not do what they say.