This chapter explores what is involved in activating and sustaining creativity, reviewed the creativity research, examined creativity skills, and outlined working models of creativity and creativity tools. Creativity can be thought of as the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, and/or relationships in order to devise new ideas, interpretations, and/or methods. It is important because it fosters the generation of novel ideas that can stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. Creative insights are the source that leads to innovation of all types and degrees that have the potential to generate the highest economic value. Business efficiencies that are built from science technology, engineering, and mathematics are important, but they will not necessarily result in the economic growth to sustain jobs and a viable standard of living in a hyper-competitive economy. People's future creative economy requires a set of innovation competencies. Two creativity models are developed by Bruce Nussbaum and Keith Sawyer, which focuses on creativity intelligence, creativity steps, and competencies.