Innovative thinking often spurs connections and actions that lead to new approaches, processes, products, and services, and sets the stage for problem solving. The discovery of new knowledge is one of the powerful instruments in the innovation tool chest. While innovative behaviors, thinking, problem solving, and new knowledge are individually and collectively powerful tools, creativity is often the catalyst that brings innovation to light and life. Creativity is represented in all forms through the arts: painting, photography, dance, drama, writing, movies, and music. The arts provide ways of learning creativity that can form the foundation for many of the building blocks of innovation. Entrepreneurship is the practice of new venture creation that addresses the vast opportunities and market inefficiencies that appear during the sometimes troublesome nuances of creative destruction. Entrepreneurs take risks and actions to create the venture and value for multiple constituents. The intricate interrelationship between innovation and entrepreneurship is seen in the increasingly popular application of social entrepreneurship.