Catalytic leadership development can be viewed as a set of concentric circles in which the innermost circle represents character and competence. But leadership is equally about creating a climate where the truth is heard and the brutal facts confronted. The five rings of catalytic leadership includes the elements of capable leaders' character and competence, the role of the team, the competent manager, effective leadership, and the overarching aspects of Goleman, Boyarzis, and McKee's leadership competencies, and the catalytic leader. Catalytic leadership is a choice individuals make to challenge existing practices and theories. Having the courage and wisdom to challenge what exists is necessary, because organizational cultures will perpetuate the past even though change is needed. Catalytic leaders are those that create an atmosphere where ideas flow freely both upward and downward, like gentle breezes; they have to recognize that the leader's personality and position can be a hindrance to getting the best information.