One day, Moon Lady sent Little Jewel to the next village to sell or pawn two gold bracelets and buy rice with the proceeds. At that time food, and rice in particular, was more precious than gold. Little Jewel was dubious about her errand it would be difficult to find a purchaser for jewelry. Little Jewel made her way to the temple which was not far away, in the midst of a little wood near the shore of the lake. It was a stately and imposing temple and obviously endowed with ample funds. Kin Ping Silk-brocade Folding-screen this was the chieftain's daughter's name was now sixteen years old, an age at which a virgin's thoughts are primarily concerned with finding a suitable life partner. Hsi Men's son was forced to endure the indignity of having his hands fastened behind his back and being marched at a gruelling pace to the robber fortress.