Bonk and Gwen are the youngest couple represented in this collection. It may be that the influences of her age, her openmindedness, and Gwen having made the disclosure prior to their marriage enabled Bonk to adjust relatively easily to Gwen's gender variance. They happen to be a male-to-female transsexual and her non-gender-specific spouse. Bonk and Gwen's story is a wonderful illustration of families gradually becoming more accepting. It's not unusual for the families of origin of both transgendered people and their partners to reject them, slowly begin to acknowledge, tolerate, and accept them. Families often go through stages of grieving, as did Bonk and Gwen. Couples often work with their psychotherapists on optimizing the success of disclosure to family members and dealing with their reactions. Although initially experiencing some difficulty understanding Gwen need to invest so much of herself in her activism, Bonk seems to have accepted this facet of her partners personality and way of life.