Is there a discernible relationship between the content of sleep-speech and mentation reports obtained subsequently? Views on this matter, like so much else in the literature surveyed, show considerable disparity. Some authors maintain that there is no correspondence whatsoever between somniloquy content and that of associated wakeful mentation, whether the latter is recalled on being awakened immediately after the speech (Carpenter, 1849; Ellis, 1926; Maury, 1878; Moreau, 1820;Trömner, 1911a,b), or on awakening the following morning (Bregman, 1910; Burrell, 1904; Cook, 1937; Elder, 1927; Landauer, 1918; Schilder & Kauders, 1956). In either condition, there is said to be complete amnesia for the sleep-speech and its associated mentation. On the other hand, many other authorities contend that a definite relationship between sleep-speech and recalled wakeful mentation is demonstrable at least some of the time, as examined in this section.