Objective Communicating with adolescents is often a challenge for both parents and therapists. The ob-

jective of this activity is to support family communication with teens, while facilitating transference of therapeutic learning to the daily family interactions through the use of a transitional object, in this case a movie videotape or DVD. Rationale for Use

Family factors such as a low degree of parental nurturance and poor parent-child communications have repeatedly been found to be positively related to adolescents' dysfunctionality (Lambie & Rokutani, 2002). Therefore, supporting healthy family communication and interaction is likely to foster greater family functionality. In today's high-speed and often chaotic society, it can be difficult for family members to gather and simply interact with one another. In many families, parents and children are involved in work-related activities (i.e., job and school responsibilities), as well as a wide range of extracurricular obligations, all of which decrease the time family members are able to spend together. This reduction in family interaction can reduce a family's potential to fully develop their communication skills.