Lightroom refers to our EXIF metadata to add the date numbers, without ever needing to recalibrate your template. When importing photos into Lightroom, we can choose to simply copy our images, or to "Copy as digital negative (DNG)". Whether you are new to Lightroom or a veteran, there are different workflow needs for importing images. Choosing Minimal or Embedded & Sidecar are better for importing quickly, but seeing full screen versions of your files becomes a bit slower. Once template is created, you can use that template to rename all your images while importing or at any time. This chapter examines how to create File naming Templates from both within the Import dialog and without. In "Renaming Files", simply check the Rename Files check box and select your previously created File naming Template from the Template drop-down menu. To create a new template, click on the Template drop-down menu and then click, on Edit.