This lyric occupies most of p. 1 of Nbk 11. It is written in a large, clear hand in pencil and does not appear to contain any cancellations. Many of the pencil markings on this page, including several words in this poem, however, are now so faded on account of the nbk’s handling as to be illegible. The page is stained at its corners and along the right edge. In dark ink at the top, centred, is the word Zuchino. Zucchino is the Italian for courgette, the diminutive of La zucca (pumpkin), a plant whose significance to the Shelleys is explained in the headnote to The Zucca. Beneath, also in ink, is the number 58, and immediately above the poem, at an angle, an extended numerical calculation in ink. Between Zuchino and the calculation are the pencilled words [?Remembrance] of tears that flow no [?more]. It is difficult to say whether this phrase, which is acknowledged in BSM xxiii 320 to be all but impossible to date, is a fragment of prose or verse and whether it bears any relationship to this poem. At the foot of the page, reverso, is a small sketch of a boat in ink. There are some offset markings in the middle from the inside front cover paste-down on which are drafted And the fierce beasts of the world’s wildernesses (no. 176) and ?[Minds]perceive but not create (no. 227).