This chapter focuses on Newham-centric issues of policing, to consider how police and security planning in advance of the Olympics was concerned with potential threats and risks which emanated from beyond Newham. The traditional hierarchical nature of police work, when faced with the multiple and ever-changing hypothetical scenarios of the Table Top simulation exercises, appeared at times to be both brittle and imprecise and rigid. The participants recommended that the investigation should be led by police at Olympic Bronze level, media releases should be reviewed, and a community impact assessment drawn up. Also unwelcome at Olympic venues was guerrilla marketing, in which businesses that were sponsors of neither the London 2012 Olympics nor the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would still seek to advertize themselves in relation to the event. To conclude, the event highlighted a number of critical areas for those planning security around major sporting events, and personalized the roles and responsibilities to be performed during Games Time.