Feminism has a long history of replicating oppressive hierarchies. Preventing access to services, whether for victims of violence or for medical support, are some of the serious consequences of feminist work that focused on only one form of oppression. Fiorenza defined the concept as a complex pyramidal system of interlocking multiplicative social and religious structures of superordination and subordination, of ruling and oppression. The collusion with pathologizing discourse promoted division, hierarchies and hate within movements that have a mutual interest in challenging psychology and psychiatry- due to their abuse and pathologization of women as well as queer and trans people. Therefore, perhaps it is time for a renewed trans feminist antipsychology, where sanism is included in intersectional analyses, where psychological and psychiatric approaches promoted by cisgender men are approached with scepticism, and with good reason. Knowledge that is gained or developed through such abuse is tainted with that abuse, it cannot be used uncritically for anti-oppressive practice or social justice.