This chapter presentsthe diverse responses to psychiatry and feminism from transgender perspectives. The use of the word 'transgender' is often framed as a non-medical alternative to pathologizing diagnostic labels. Transgenderists were differentiated from cross-dressing individuals through their living as another gender, and from transsexual individuals through their lack of surgical intervention. Prince draws on Money's conceptualization of gender and sex as a combination of anatomy, psychology and environment. Psychiatry and psychology have also been framed as out-dated and representing a particularly conservative viewpoint on gender, such as Winter's description of the gender identity disorder diagnostic criteria as 'archaic'. Feminist perspectives produced several problematic narratives regarding gender nonconformity and body modification. Tran's feminists also represented a wide range of theoretical positions and approaches, analysing the intersections of sexuality, dis/ability, race and more. Serano described this combination of cisgenderism transphobia, and sexism as transmisogny.