The decade between Constantine's first peaceful settlement and final military conclusion with Licinius carried him on wide travels. Licinius had tidied up his realm by a half-dozen murders in 313 and 314. For he who keeps faith with his king in military service on this earth and with some outstanding deed, if he survives, is the more acceptable and dearer, and if he dies, attains the highest glory because he met death for his leader. How much more, should we keep faith with God the commander of all. Contemporaries offered no real explanation for the suddenly ardent piety of Licinius, and modern conjecture must supply the deficiency by attributing the change of policy in the East to opposite changes in the West. From a final refuge in Nicomedia, Licinius sent Constantia to make the best terms she could for him. His Caesar was spared and exiled in southern Asia Minor, he himself was granted his life in exile at Thessalonica.