Janet Lynn Roseman believes that the power of women passages lies in the internal transformation itself. She refers to that not quite developed time in between, that murky time which cannot be defined. This shifting occurs while women are in the shedding stages of 'what we were' to 'what we will become'. This emotional shedding transforms women not only physically but emotionally as well. The internal transformation that takes place during these transitions is profoundly individual. Women all bleed for the first time, make love for the first time, choose lovers, leave lovers, change jobs, lose family members, and, in some cases, have children. These are all important passages in a woman's life; however, it is how a woman experiences this internal metamorphosis that really counts. Many of women passages are never spoken of and, as a result, they create isolation, frustration, and confusion for many women. Some women become depressed; others use alcohol and drugs to quell the pain.