Additive patterning is a term that the author use to describe techniques that add a surface layer or 'skin' to a positive sculpt or maquette. It involves starting with a form, adding a skin to it, and cutting the skin away to make the pattern. This is the same technique utilized by garment drapers using a dress form or mannequin as foundation to apply a 'fabric skin'. The dress form, padded into the desired shape and size, is covered with fabric skin, the pattern shapes are drawn onto the fabric skin, removed, spread flat, and cut into shapes, thus making a pattern. Wig makers use similar technique to pattern a model's head when making a custom wig. The model's head is covered/wrapped with plastic and tape. The resulting plastic-and-tape skin is pulled away, padded, and blocked on head form. It is used as the foundation on which to contour the ventilating lace with the end result being a custom wig.