This chapter provides an overview of foams and some of the items used for shaping and patterning. There are many options when cutting and shaping flexible and rigid foam. The bun is cut to the desired widths by using tools such as large horizontal band saw, precision laser, or a cutting machine using a water jet. Depending on the type of flexible foam and where people buy it, commercial thicknesses can range from 1/4 inch and up. Rigid foams such as expanded polystyrene foams can be purchased in huge blocks and slabs. Poly Vinyl Acetate (PVA) glues produced by companies such as Titebond and Elmers are also good to use with rigid foam, but can take few days to dry. The industrial uses of rigid foams generally supersede the artistic, a lot of the adhesives people find are gauged to adhere rigid foam to masonry walls. The appropriate adhesives to use with flexible foam are those that maintain the flexibility.