Pluriverse is preferred to Universe only as emphasizing the clumsiness of those who live constantly in the dream of Novalis with no scintil of the idealism without which it is crudely irrational. Said Novalis: 'Philosophy can bake no bread, but she can give us God, freedom and immortality'. PHILOSOPHY, as the science of explanation, naturally assumes the coincidence of the possible and the rational, and as well of the rational and the logical. Philosophy proposes a weird partnership or equation between man and the world, as subject and object, and these two prove strangely convertible and interwoven. For pure philosophy the world must be what it is known as; and if knowledge itself is in question it must be self-determined. The philosophy develops various 'activity situations', in which being and change are so confused that a logical statement of the case involves an identity of difference. The reliability and permanence of chance are the most consolatory elements of philosophy.