Chibi-Robo is a Japanese game that was played across the world. The game deals with themes that are common in Japanese games, themes like what makes something human and family and environmental issue. The universe of discourse for Chibi-Robo is composed of a four-inch battery-powered house-cleaning robot, with various skills and tools, and of people and objects we are all familiar with in the real world. As in all good games, the syntax of Chibi-Robo fits very well with its game mechanics, that is, with the actions players need to take to play the game. Since Chibi is only four inches tall and must get all over the house, the game focuses on objects and their parts as these are relevant to climbing and otherwise accessing things when you are four inches tall. Chibi has a radar and he has tools that allow him to see the world in terms of what needs cleaning and how to clean it.