Situated meanings are the meanings words, phrases, sentences, and sequences of sentences take on in actual contexts of use. Situated meanings are also determined by shared cultural knowledge. Such cultural knowledge has been studied under terms like "folk theories", "cultural models", "figured worlds", "schemes", "frames", and others. In the context of actually playing the game and his knowledge about this and other Metal Gear Solid games and in terms of ongoing sequence or flow of the images in the game, the author construe this image to mean not just "Solid Snake looks down a corridor". Discourse analysis analyzes language in use and deals with meanings that go beyond semantics and involve context and inference. The grammar and discourse of games can operate perfectly well on 2D Sketches or 3D Sketches. This gives us, perhaps, "minimal games", but often good games nonetheless. Such "minimal games" also offer us an excellent place to start in developing a theory of discourse analysis for games.