Now while the immediate appearances of the economy after 1945 seemed 'favourable' Keynesianism was accepted on the standard English grounds that it seemed to work; that it brought about desired results. Lenin was fond of remarking that in the realm of philosophy, when one form of idealism was in conflict with another, Marxism could only gain. The certainly true of the present crisis of economics. It presents Marxism with a great opportunity to influence a new generation of students and others, increasingly restless at the inadequacy of the theories proffered by the various orthodox schools. But if there is to be a development of Marxism the fundamental philosophical and methodological issues which really lie at the root of bourgeois ideology in all its forms will have to be given central attention. The weakness of bourgeois thought as a whole that it is obliged to dip into Marx in order to provide a better antidote against him: ironical but true.