In the fourth edition of Richard James Burgess book The Art of Music Production: The Theory and Practice, he maps out the many roles of the modern music producer in ways useful to those wishing to forge a career in the industry. The producer-as-auteur construction gives a name and a personality to a partly technological set of processes that most fans of music don't understand, and many may not particularly care about. Controversies around the use of technology and the aesthetics of reception have long existed when considering remixes. Phil Spector symbolizes the traditional "organic mode", wherein recordings based on performances partly in real time and space were realized. There have long existed producers that become names and have a public persona, from Shadow Morton and Mitch Miller in the 1950s, to Phil Spector and George Martin in the 1960s, to Trevor Horn in the 1980s, to David Guetta and Pharrell Williams in the contemporary period.