This chapter examines how Foucault's and Derrida's concepts have been deployed by two well-known and highly regarded contemporary post-modern emancipatory international relations (PEIR) thinkers William Connolly and David Campbell. Foucault to international relations in terms of our XYZ+Q formula, PEIR oscillates between two alternatives: on the one hand, it has embraced the early Foucault the positivist Foucault of Archaeology in which there is barely a trace of subjectivity to fill in the Q variable in the formula. Jacques Derrida is a philosopher who deserves our attention not only because his ideas have greatly influenced PEIR but also because he was explicit in his belief that emancipatory ideas should continue to shape what we see and how we act in the world. The Australian David Campbell's highly regarded text, Writing Security, is a tour de force by a thinker firmly committed to the idea of post-modernist international relations.