The advertising industry attracts both praise and prejudice in large quantities. Many people think it's a growing and glamorous industry, while others maintain that it is dishonest and parasitical. Since the mid-1960s UK advertising has grown more slowly than the economy as a whole. The pressure is on the industry to keep its act together and highly polished. Advertising is just one form of advocacy employed with relatively superficial differences by all kinds of salespeople the world over, whether the selling products, services. Advertising increases the competitive pressure on most companies. In public relations, talented people are paid to influence journalists towards a particular point of view. There's a sense in which advertising is more representative of life. For example, in advertisements, planes usually take off and land safely, people have happy holidays and enjoy their food, and savers prosper. In editorials planes crash, holidays are often disasters, people die of food poisoning and savers go bankrupt.