This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book highlights the particular relevance of MNE networks for internationalization-seeking new ventures when the latter orient themselves towards higher levels of innovation. It examined a useful consequence of this property of MNE social capital, namely, the prospect of INVs gaining internationalization learning outcomes. The book argues that internationalization capability learning of itself is not a guarantee that a new venture will actually internationalize, given that the MNE partner may be preoccupied with its home market. It sought to shed light on the nature of social capital on MNE ties notably the geographic dispersion of the partner-entity. Future research of a longitudinal nature could usefully approach the phenomenon of MNE-INV engagement as a 'two-way street'. Enright has distinguishes between clusters where economic development is independent of, dependent on, or interdependent with MNEs' contribution to the local milieu.