This chapter focuses the practices that motivate literacy learning at B-Club, and the relationships that are at an core of the work authors do. These relationships motivated kid's engagement in-and animation through-their club activities. Kids exude love at B-Club, expressing it in their words and actions, in what they said they learned from their experiences in the program and in the letters of love and expressions of kindness that they wrote to each other. Eschewing notions of culture as a category of difference, and adopting instead a sociocultural perspective on culture as everyday lived experience. As a teacher, and as an adult at B-Club, Marjorie Faulstich Orellanatoo have avoided using the word "love" to describe her feelings toward young people who are not related to her. The naming of love feels like an emotional boundary that may be upheld at times for good reason. At B-Club, the relationships that kids and undergraduates built were evident in similar written dialogues.