Gun owner Lee Bird cares about his second amendment rights, and he thinks it's important that he has the right to carry his gun where and when he wants. A resident of Arizona, Bird says that the contemporary push to remove restrictions from carrying weapons into public places has “made his trusty .38 caliber Smith and Wesson Special revolver as much a part of his life as brushing his teeth” (Hwang & Murphy, 2014). Arizona's loosening of gun laws is a recent change, and it is worth recognizing that prior to 2010, the state “heavily restricted who could own a handgun or banned the concealed carry of handguns altogether” (Hwang & Murphy, 2014). That is no longer the case, and presently, Arizona is one of seven states that does not require gun owners to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon (Hwang & Murphy, 2014). Given that, Bird now takes his gun with him wherever he goes.