Increasing urban populations, changing lifestyles and growing travel needs are resulting in major issues and challenges for urban administrations to deal with, congestion, accidents, comfort, productivity and pollution. Shladover argues that the full range of benefits of road efficiency will only be achieved by providing dedicated lanes for autonomous vehicles, which will prevent any potential conflicts between autonomous and manually driven cars. Electricity is critical to sustain quality of life and economic growth. Centralised surveillance systems are commonly installed in urban squares, football stadiums, city parks and train stations, while in-house self-contained video surveillance systems are used in most institutions, banks, post offices, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, shops, offices and warehouses, homes, cars and even motorbikes and bicycles. The importance and scope of emergency response systems have grown tremendously over the few years as disasters, human-made or natural, are a cause of great economic and human loss throughout the world.