This conclusion presents some closing thoughts of key concepts discussed in preceding chapters of this book. The book breaks the transformatory trajectory question into three broad potential strategy types. Namely 'ruptural', 'interstitial metamorphosis' and 'symbiotic metamorphosis'. It explains how centralizing the means of production and concomitant socialization of labor would 'burst' the capitalist integument, with the 'expropriators then being expropriated'. The book presents bourgeois economics in any of its past or contemporary orthodox or heterodox incarnations, along with Marxists bound to Marxism qua HM as a master theory of historical directionality, simply cannot fathom. It suggests that much of the Marxist Left is in fact closeted Keynesian in their fatalistic grasp of capital as the only game in town. The book explains Marxist position finding support, in Marxism apprehended as HM, a master theory of historical directionality. The position then further buttressed by the nightmarish weight of Soviet collapse in the minds of many erstwhile Marxists.