The School of Economics was described once by a University Committee of Inspection as having been a 'benevolent autocracy'. The Calendar for 1920-21 shows as Governors Prof. Cannan, Dr. Lilian Knowles and Prof. Sargent. No teachers had any occasion to meet any Governors. When three members of the Council were given seats on the Court of Governors. The Professorial Council of twenty met only twice each year, at the beginning and end of each session. First, self-government does not imply disregard for the views of others. Self-governing Universities, like self-governing nations, are not in the world alone and are not there for their own amusement. Second, self-government, while it is a condition of life for a University, is not its purpose. The complete autonomy of the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge is not regarded by most observers as making the colleges the mainspring of change and progress in those ancient Universities.