Writing is about communicating. To dispel any doubts, carry out the activity below.

ACTIVITY 5.1 Read the following two email messages to staff in an organisation and then answer the questions.

Message 1 The Q3 budget forecast has been completed and indicates that [the organisation] is forecast to achieve a net outturn position of £46.4m for 20XX/ XX, an adverse variance of £3.2m to the revised budget. New customer acquisition in October was impacted adversely by a number of factors including (a) closure of the London office due to

fire while rebuilding and refurbishing took place, during which time there was major disruption to business; (b)  security changes to the website resulting in a period where new customers could not register for new accounts; and (c) the temporary loss of the facility. This lowerthan-budgeted new customer acquisition has impacted on both the forecast income and costs and the forecast net impact is the £3.2m shortfall. In an endeavour to ameliorate this shortfall, all staff are encouraged to exercise tighter cost control particularly with respect to discretionary expenditure during the final quarter of 20XX/ XX.