Kautilya epitomises the depth and range of the concept of statecraft, developed in ancient India. His most famous work is the Arthashastra, which is essentially a treatise on the art and science of government and politics and deals exhaustively with various issues relating to the effective functioning of a State. The maintenance of law and order by the use of punishment is the science of government. The Arthashastra emphasises that the welfare and protection of the people is the main function of the State/King - 'in the happiness of his subjects lies the king's happiness; in their welfare his welfare'. A well-organised State should have good advisers - councillor and ministers. Kautilya makes a distinction between councillor, who were advisers, and ministers, who were responsible for executing policies. Kautilya realises the importance of civil service in providing good administration. Kautilya's views on foreign policy constitute a brilliant, comprehensive and logical analysis of all aspects of relations between the States.