Character is that quality of the head and heart of an individual through which he masters the facts and forces of life in a creative manner and attains self-fulfilment, while helping other members of the society. The man of character is the hope, well-being, peace, and inspiration of mankind; the man without character causes trouble, strife, worry, and misery. Character expresses itself as conduct, which is an outer expression of one's personality. The importance of truth in public service and character-building can be realised from the motto of the Government of India - satyameva jaite, that is, truth alone triumphs. The chapter also reviews on Components of good character: Honesty, Love, Self-discipline, Sense of Duty and Hard Work, Spirit of Service and Sacrifice. One of the main reasons for declining values in society today is due to our distorted education system, which gives too much importance to the technical and professional aspects with very little emphasis to moral education.